Wheelchair,Crutches,Stick,Rent-a-car with ramp/lift/hand control/left accelator in Japan

Wheelchair at your home, hotel, airport in Japan. Crutches, Rent-a-car with ramp/hand control.


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wheelchair rental service

Wheelchair, Crutches, Rent-a-car in Japan

Rental / Sale Wheelchair at Home, Hotel, Airport in Japan.
Crutches and Rent-a-car with ramp/lift, Rent-a-car with hand control/left accelator.

1. Rental Wheelchair

You can use the Rental Wheelchair for even One day, and can select suitable one out of many kinds of Wheelchairs. For example, ordinally manual type with large 22inch tires, manual type with small 16inch tires, large size, small size for children, footrest elevating type and power assisted type etc.
The Wheelchair shall be delivered to you within a few day wherever in Japan courier service is available.
You can receive the Rental Wheelchair at
Residence in Japan
Hotels in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Sapporo-Hokkaido, Okinawa, etc.
Airports, Haneda Tokyo, Narita, Kansai Osaka, Cental Nagoya, Chitose Sapporo, and othres

2. Sale New and Used Wheelchairs

Delivery service to anywhere in Japan is available for the new and used Wheelchair same as the rental Wheelchair.
Please ask us for available type, price, delivery time.

3. Repair Wheelchairs

A flat tire and other light trouble can be repaired.

4. Rental and Sell Crutches and Stick, Cane

Large, medium, small and extra small for children are available.

5. Rent-a-Car equipped with ramp/lift for Wheelchair/hand-control/left accelator

The Rent-a-Car can be delivered to anywhere in the greater Tokyo area such as your home, Hotels, Narita airport, Haneda airport, Tokyo station at a small cost.
Please refer to our Fare Table.

6. Information for Special Transportation Service

Information for the STS is available and we are ready to arrange the STS on your behalf.

For details and others, please feel free for contacting us.
We are open all days from Sunday to Saturday from 10:00AM to 18:00PM.
Please make a reservation when you come to our shop since the shop may not open sometime without prior notice due to delivery service, stuff training.

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E-mail : info@ido-support.com
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5-1-7, Shimorenjaku, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo
open 10:00AM - 18:00PM
Please make a reservation before you come to the shop.